Photo: This Shot of Charlie Manuel Leaving Citizens Bank Park is Really Sad

This is why we love sports. The emotional connection we have to this picture is only something a true Philadelphia sports fan can feel. After a season to forget, Charlie Manuel walks out of Citizens Bank Park for the last time. In sports, we love an underdog. We love a winner. Charlie built one of the scrappiest teams in baseball during his time with the Phillies. Dare I say over his tenure, the Phillies OVERACHIEVED in many aspects. They played hard for Charlie and they RESPECTED him. Sad to see him go. Trust that Philadelphia will never forget Charlie Manuel and everything he brought to the organization, and I know I speak for everyone when I say, simply, “Thank You.”

The Response to Kendrick

Two days ago Kendrick Lamar shook up the hip-hop world with one verse. He called out his peers. He crowned himself “King of NY.” He left some big names off his list. And, oh yea… he EASILY out shined everybody on the track with him.
Here is a look at some of the reactions from other hip-hop artists in the Twitter world. Classic!


At Philly Hott Radio for an interview with “Simply Monica” on the Mid Day Rush. Much love!! #philly #jersey #ab #noon #hot #philly #radio #promo #promotion #ny #jersey #philly #monica #mic #studio #building #instalove #instagram #me #rap #hiphop

Philly Hott Radio Interview

Had my 2nd radio interview today in Philly on South and 4th street. The station is called “Philly Hott Radio” and they were promoting the show we are doing Friday at Treasures Banquet Hall on Germantown Ave. Simply Monica was real cool and was an awesome host, and we are going back in two weeks to get Mark Gaines on the show! Yup!!
Philly Hott Radio